removing of moles

All changes to the skin, such as various malignant edema but also benign changes, which according to their location, can be potentially malignant nature and require the then serious reconstructive procedures, as well as a series of changes, which represent only an aesthetic problem may be in the usually be removed under local anesthesia by a surgical procedure relatively short duration and require no special preparations or special postoperative recovery measures.

All remote changes are sent for histopathological analysis. In addition to traditional surgical methods, depending on the character of the changes, as well as their size and location, they can be removed by laser or radio waves under local anesthesia, with the skin completely regenerated in a very short time and blasphemous behind no visible scars.

Birthmarks, which often cause anxiety in patients, can also be removed. Their removal is recommended to begin when the birthmark changed to grow, itchy or bleeding starts without prior injury or when secretion occurs, if it changes color or its limits in terms of the surrounding tissue are unclear.

Birthmarks, which do not change, however, there are in places that are prone to injury should also be removed. The actual birthmark removal is performed by surgical excision under local anesthesia, followed by histopathological verification of the excised change is necessarily carried out.