lip correction

Correction of the lips is a term that is connected to the thickening, the filling or the increase in the abundance of the upper, lower or both lips. There are two ways which allow to solve these problems. Which method is used depends on the mutual Absprechung of patients and surgeons.

The increase in the width of the vermilion border can be done surgically, wherein a scar in the transition region between the skin and the vermilion (Vermilion) is formed. depending on the request of the patient, the surgical correction can, under local or general anesthesia, are performed.

When the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, preoperative preparation is required. By surgery, it is possible the lipstick to increase, but not the volume.

Another option to thicken, filling or increase the fullness can be done by using different fillers (substances that are injected), where it is possible to emphasize only the lip edge or increasing their volume, or to get to fullness.

The good thing is that by emphasizing the lip edges and fine wrinkles are reduced from the corresponding region (the effect is due to a slight stretching of the upper and lower lip skin scored).

Fillers are of different density and the effect achieved by varying duration. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid, have a duration of six months to one year and the effect suddenly disappears. There are other fillers whose effects last longer.

These are biopolymers that have arisen from a combination of silicone and collagen, its duration is approximately one and a half to two years. There is also fillers with a perennial effect that contain a high proportion of water, in this case there is a continuous exchange of water molecules with the surrounding tissue, which makes the filler, will be injected in a manner somewhat with the tissue in which it to unite and thus its effect is significantly extended.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes only a few minutes. Immediately after surgery, there is swelling, so some days cold compresses are recommended.