breast lift

Here is a surgical intervention to lift sagging breasts and give form. Sagging of breasts depends on several factors: pregnancy, breast-feeding and the biological aging.

Before the operation:

The degree of slackening breast is measured by the ratio of the position of the nipple and breast of the crease under the breast. If the breasts are too large and can be made at the same time their reduction. If they are too small insufficient tissue on the contrary, they can be enlarged by means of insertion of prostheses. The review of the general health of the patient as well as the basic laboratory analysis is performed routinely. It is also necessary to carry out the clinical and ultrasound examination of the breast.


The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia. Minor procedures can be performed under local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. The procedure usually takes two to three hours. There are different surgical techniques applied depending on the degree of relaxation, the age of the patient and the surgeon’s experience. Most commonly, an incision is made in the form of a keyhole or armature which the nipple and a portion of the chest below the same, is detected. A skin portion is removed and if necessary also a tissue part, the nipple is pulled up and fixed. When breast augmentation is necessary, the prosthesis can be inserted under the breast tissue or the chest muscles. Depending on the procedure,


The stay in the clinic lasts one to two days. The breasts are in the new position maintained by specially shaped bras worn for several weeks. Within two weeks, the expected swelling and bruising retreat. The stitches are removed after seven days. During these first weeks, the breasts can be hypersensitive and it is desirable to avoid physical contact and greater loads. The return to work depends on the severity of the interference, the recovery course as by profession. Changes in nipple sensitivity have a temporary nature in general. The scars are initially hard and pink, but during several months soften and fade.