Permanent removal and reduction of unwanted hair

The high performance of the Fotona Nd: YAG laser system with FRAC3® technology has set new standards for efficiency and security in the removal and reduction of unwanted hair. An innovative system hair follicle successfully targeted using a combination of selective and homogeneous photothermolysis.

 Safe for all skin types

Fotona Nd: YAG laser consolidates the revolutionary pulse technology as well as the three-dimensional model, based on these lasers (FRAC3®), which enables efficient and safe removal of unwanted hair for patients. Unlike other kinds of wavelengths and methods on which other laser and IPL based devices only Fotona Nd: YAG risk-free use for all skin types. Using the industry Fotona laser system can be successfully sorted out a region to be treated, the surrounding tissue is not damaged.

The success of hair reduction by this treatment depends mainly on skin and hair type, which in turn individually from patient to patient. but depends equally on the ability and willingness of the doctor who performs the treatment. Most patients can expect a considerably slower hair growth after treatment. These hairs, which grow back after treatment, are thinner and lighter, so it emphasizes roofs less than before treatment and are visible.

 Strong reducing effect of unwanted hair

By combining special high performance of the S-11 Photon scanner, light large areas such as legs, back and chest can be treated and this is what the fact contributing quickly and efficiently that this laser treatment the removal of unwanted hair in the long run to economical belong. Due to the high intensity of the pulses of laser Fotona will treat more desired surfaces quickly and efficiently. Depending on the size of the skin area to be treated to achieve the desired aesthetic result, it is necessary to make 3-5 treatments (with a distance between each treatment of at least 6-8 weeks).