vascular lesions

Recently, laser treatments have become a routine procedure when it comes to the removal of various skin lesions, vascular lesions, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, dilated capillaries on the legs, face and body and angioma.

The perfect solution for vascular lesions

Long pulse Nd: YAG laser offers the perfect solution when it comes to the treatment of vascular lesions. Photon laser pulses penetrate 5-6 mm deep into the skin, characterized highly effective treatments are possible. Studies show that over 75% of patients with deep hemangiomas, which with Nd: YAG laser treated, were a significant retraction of lesions ascertained after treatment.

Safe, effective and minimally invasive

The energy generated by the laser is absorbed by using the blood in the veins, which, when they are converted into heat, destroying the vein walls and thereby reduce the capillaries,. Compared to other technologies that destroy superficial lesion especially penetrating Nd: YAG deeply and destroys the lesion of the root and thus allows for the patient not only temporary but a permanent solution.

This process is completely safe for healthy veins to ensure the normal blood flow to the treated part. The patient’s immune system rids the body of dead tissue about the bruises on his specific way. After the bruises are gone, the successful treatment results are seen.