Rejuvenation of the skin, face, neck and décolleté

The collective desire for ever perfect, youthful appearance has created a huge market for cosmetic and aesthetic anti-aging treatments that serious, last longer and are therefore more expensive and rightly so.

Novelties in laser technology now allow us a longer-lasting beautiful and natural appearance of the skin. Unlike conventional treatments, dermabrasion and chemical peels, allow the unique properties of laser resurfacing of the skin, a more accurate and precise follow-up treatment.

The remodeling and rejuvenation can (bearing) Er YAG laser ablative or non-ablative Nd: YAG lasers are made, which depends on the agreement between the patient and the doctor about the final aesthetic results. Furthermore, the ablative and non-ablative rejuvenation treatment can be carried out as a new anti-aging combining, this is made possible by the Fraxel Photon rejuvenation platform.

The heat of the laser energy stimulates the production of new collagen in the dermis, helping to accelerate the regeneration process, significantly improves the suppleness of the skin and gives it a fresh and healthier appearance.