Dr Nikola Maraš


He finished elementary and high school in Kragujevac.
He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade.
On General Surgery at the Medical Center in Kragujevac (1977-1981)
Clinic for Plastic Surgery, MMA with Prof. V. Arneri, Proff. B. Pantelić, Mr. B. Griva (1981-1983)
Department of Plastic Surgery, Specialist Orthopedic Hospital “Banjica” with Prof. Uzelac, Prof. B. Radulovic, Mr. D. Mišić (1983-1984)
Clinic for Plastic Surgery, Clinical Center Ljubljana with Prof.F. Zdravić, Mr. M. Year


– M. Subject: Island Medial Gastrocnemius Myocutaneous flap in reconstruction of soft tissue defects of the lower leg (mentor Prof. V. Arneri and Prof. B. Pantelić), 1983.
– Selfmenaging Union of Interests for Science fellowship (three months), 1984.
– Canniesburne Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland (to Mr. J. McGregor, Mr.D.Soutar, Mr. M. Webster)
– St. Andrew`s Hospital, Billericay, London, England (to Mr.B.C.Sommerlad, Mr. M. E. J. Hackett)
– The British Council fellowship, St. Andrew`s Hospital, Billaricay, London, 1984.
– Government fellowship (three months), 1989.
– Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, England (to Mr. R. W. Pigott)
– Mount Vernon Hospital, London