The results of plastic surgery can be quite bring great changes in the appearance of the patients and even affect the lives and change. However, the patients know about possible complications little or nothing, so they can easily decide for such interventions. It is important that patients have realistic expectations of what their bodies are able to endure the situation and what you should ask your surgeon. It is not realistic to come and say that you want to look like a star. The surgeon can not completely change your appearance, but can beautify. Do not be swayed by your immediate surroundings, family, parents or the social environment. The procedure you should make for yourself

and not because of others. Some surgeons the results and possibilities are aware, you can dissuade them and reject the desired pressure to make because they are convinced that the intervention would not be good for you. Of course there are surgeons who perform all operations at the request of their patients, regardless of whether they are good for the patient or not. The important thing is to establish good communication with your doctor and talk to him, find out what you can do everything. That’s especially important for your health. Patients should think carefully about why they want to actually perform the operation. Breast augmentation is the love of another person not recover again, a facelift will not obtain, you see someone in a different light, liposuction will not ensure that you will get a prohibited raise. Plastic surgery can improve your life and influence, so you confident regarding yourself and your qualities are, but they can not fully change. Some patients are not following surgery satisfied with the results and want a new correction. Or, perhaps, find as much pleasure in the results that you can not resist the temptation to always try new interventions. With each new operation they expect to look perfect, but we all know that perfection does not exist. It is not easy to improve interventions poorly executed. Correction surgeries are very complicated and the risks are increased, different than what is shown us through television. The best-known cases of poorly executed operations, we at famous people. Plastic surgeons need both as doctors and counselors for people they have met only a few times, act and that alone is a huge and difficult task for them. They will try to do their best in order to be available to their patients , Be gentle when selecting a physician. Inexpertly executed operations may cause the mouth is cleared, there are cases where women have remained without nipples or that excess skin was left on the body. To be sure, what operation you should choose and whether it is safe for you,