Many users do not know fully the difference between IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and lasers. Both treatments are carried out since the 90s. IPL and laser include the use of light energy, which is then absorbed by the dark hair pigments and eventually lead to damage to the hair follicle. Hair growth is then reduced without damaging surrounding tissue. IPL is mainly used by beauticians in beauty salons and beauty parlors, while the laser only use doctors as good knowledge required for handling medical lasers. The main advantage of using a laser over IPL are:

  • Laser technology is largely effective and achieves better results than IPL., 90% of patients lose after 3-4 treatments permanent hair.
  • Compared to laser hair removal IPL is less successful.
  • lasers are precise, furthermore they can selectively remove dark hair while the surrounding tissue remains intact.
  • Each laser pulse lasts a fraction of a second and can treat more hair simultaneously.
  • The laser hair removal can be done in larger areas of skin.
  • The laser your specific skin tone can be adjusted accordingly.
  • lasers are safe for all skin colors, while IPL can cause burns on dark skin.

The main difference when it comes to hair removal, lies mainly in the technology between laser and IPL. Both generate light, but use a different kind of light. Lasers are used in surgery for years. IPL is an adaptation of the laser, primarily used in the cosmetics industry. One of the key advantages of lasers is its multiple application. Lasers are used in the following Medizinbreichen: Ophthalmology (usually in surgery of cataract and glaucoma), oncology (skin cancer), dentistry (dental treatments to surgery) and aesthetic surgery. They are used in industry: for grinding, welding and cutting (separating), (they show great accuracy in processing of materials), in military applications and in spectroscopy. Laser devices generate a wavelength of light (pure light, consisting of a single color and shape), a highly concentrated beam of light at certain points (melanin in the hair follicles). The type and the color of the skin, the device setting is made, of course, after prior consultation with you. Laser devices are adjusted so that they emit a wavelength for the treatment of hair. IPL is not a laser. Devices can produce a variety of wavelengths (such as incandescent lamps) and can not be concentrated on a specific point. Due to a number of different lengths, some may be concentrated by them for hair reduction. A low penetration compared to laser treatment means that deeper hair is not treated effectively. Moreover, some light may be absorbed into the surrounding tissue, resulting in heating of the pigment of the skin. For this reason, dark skin types are at greater risk. Compared against the IPL system lasers produce more concentrated heat to the hair follicles and thus better results. Since the hair follicles and not the skin absorbs the heat, there is a smaller risk of burning when using lasers. Successful is the treatment of acne and scars on the face and nose, hemangiomas, removal of veins, wrinkles and other aesthetic problems. The treatment is not limited to the beauty industry, but is carried out equally for medical treatments. A laser treatment can be more expensive than IPL, but gives much better results, as compared to IPL their dominance is incontrovertible. We only offer treatments that are truly successful. Bringing innovation to you and offer our clients advanced technology and Fachkundigkeit (know-how). Decide on us and see for yourself.